Blocked Drain Leicester

1 St Georges Way Leicester United Kingdom LE5 5HL

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We are exceptionally proud of the work that we do in the local area of Leicester to help residents with any and all drainage issues that they may encounter. We have 20 years of experience in the business and have helped out every single kind of property including residential and commercial, and are able to deal with larger industrial drains, as well as bathroom and kitchen ones. Our expertise means that we will be able to handle any blockage we encounter. Thanks to not only our workforce's exceptional training but also our up to date modern technology no drainage issue is to big for us to tackle. For example, if you are having issues with your external drains. This is most typically caused by tree roots.These roots are attracted to the moisture within the pipe and will grow into them through any weak spots in the joining, causing huge cracks, high water pressure and increased utility bills. Unfortunately, sometimes tree roots can be hugely prevalent and simply removing them is not enough. Instead, an excavation of the entire pipe network is required. Of course, this means that costs will increase and be more expensive, so it's important to assess the situation with complete accuracy. That's where our CCTV surveys come in such handy as we are able to insert a small high tech camera into the pipe network that can reach down to many feet, producing a real time footage report to guarantee accuracy. After reviewing this, we will be able to make any recommendations and give you a transparent, quote, so that you know exactly how much you're paying. With our company, there are no little silly fees that quickly add up. Instead we can guarantee value for money and exceptional customer service every single time. Our trained office members are on hand right now if you have any pressing queries.

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