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Tackling blocked drains is actually a very technical job that requires a lot of know-how and precision. In many cases it takes a lot more than just a plunger and bit of elbow grease. That's why we make sure that all of our employees are fully up-to-date with the newest knowledge in the trade ,and will be able to not only fix any problems at your property but also give you any relevant advice that could help you avoid future problems. For example ,we would recommend when dealing with food waste to be very careful about fats and oils. As they are heavier than water they quickly fall to the u-bend of pipes, where they solidify into what is known as a fatberg. This is actually the most common cause of clogs in the UK, with thousands of tons of fat and oil having to be removed every year. To avoid this we would recommend pouring oil and fat into sealable containers to be thrown away with the rest of your garbage. Another very common cause that you should try to avoid are toiletries that have been flushed down the toilet. This includes feminine hygiene products, nappies, cotton buds, and wipes. In recent years many wipes have been marketed as flushable, however we find in most cases this is simply not true as they will still contribute to obstructions. To avoid this problem we would suggest installing a separate bin to deal with such waste products. Ultimately none of these problems need cause you too much stress, because our competitive pricing and no call-out fee or VAT means that you won't be paying an arm and a leg to get your drains back up to scratch. Our reputation precedes and we are known as a first-rate drain clearing service in the Exeter area. Call today to speak to one of our friendly office team members and find out more!

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