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When encountering drain blockages, some people may think they can fix it on their own. However actually unblocking the drains around your house can be very difficult. In fact most cases tend to require specialised equipment otherwise you risk damaging the integral systems of the pipe and therefore accruing even more bills than you would have had to begin with . Our company are able to take care of such problems for you, to make sure that you don't end up with water damage, bad smells or damp around your property. Perhaps you have noticed that the the water in your kitchen sink is just not draining as fast as it used to. This could be caused by a number of reasons. For example fats and oil building up in the u-bend.Or if you recently started making your own coffee at home and have been washing the coffee grounds down the sink this can quickly lead to an obstruction in your pipes. Our handymen are all equipped with the most modern tools in order to unblock the drain for you. They have state of the art drainage rods and pressure hoses which can blast away even the most stubborn of dirt and debris . Additionally we can conduct drainage services for you to make sure that you get ahead of the problem. You may not even know that you have issues with your current drainage system,. Our affordable and efficient services will be able to minimise the risk of water damage to your property by finding such problems and dealing with them quickly. We do not charge a call-out fee or even VAT meaning that you will save money with us every single time. Our phone lines are available 24/7 so if you have any queries regarding your drains please do not hesitate to call us straight away.

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