Locksmiths Manchester

41 Old Birley St, Manchester United Kingdom M15 5RF

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We are a reputable and experienced locksmith company working in Manchester city. Local residents know that they can count on our friendly and affordable services to help them with their every request. Security is no joke, that's we take our customer's home security incredibly seriously and offer the most up-to-date technology on the market. Our employees are extensively trained and will be able to walk you through the different kinds of protective measures you can employ in and around your home. Additionally our office members are able to give you a quick quote on the phone. We do not charge any call-out fee or VAT across our services meaning that you can rely on our incredibly competitive pricing which is some of the best in the local area. If you are a local business looking to utilise our economical services, we offer a whole range of special security measures that could work for you. For example we can install aluminium doors. Found in offices and in shops, they are much harder to break into than your typical wooden door. Of course, they require special knowledge and a breadth of experience in order to properly install , which our locksmiths can guarantee. Any aluminium doors already installed require servicing, which we are again able to do, to ensure they are up to standard. Furthermore, we are able to help with even more of the security problems you will face as a business. Perhaps one of your employees accidentally lost the office keys. This happens very regularly and can be highly annoying, as you do not want to lose the insurance for your business by risking a break-in due caused by the lost set of keys . We offer very cheap new lock installations meaning that your business can continue to run safely and smoothly. Given that we operate 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, we are able to work to your schedule and at your convenience.

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