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06 Dec 2022: " Hi, my name is Evan and I'm a Gunner. I recently heard about this wedding photography business in Birkdale and was really impressed with the experience they have. They have won awards and are ranked...", Evan, Gunner - Matthew Rycraft Photography, Birkdale

05 Dec 2022: " This company sells really cool shirts from all around the world! They have shirts from lots of different clubs and countries. You can even get a special discount if you type in the code 'BRITISHFORC...", Dante, Combat Medic - Legends Football Shirts, Chesterfield

05 Dec 2022: " I'm Drew, a helicopter pilot and I'm writing to review Lifeline24's personal alarms. I think they're a great way to stay safe while living at home or while out and about. The alarm is easy to use an...", Drew, Helicopter Pilot - Lifeline24, Norwich

05 Dec 2022: " This company helps people with their money. They can help you save money, make sure you have enough money for when you need it, and help you get the best deal on things like mortgages and insurance....", John, Military Police Officer. - Reeves Financial, Horsham

04 Dec 2022: " I really appreciate this business offering a Forces Discount of 15% off all online orders. As a Military Police Officer, I'm often away from home for extended periods and having access to discounts ...", Hudson, Military Police Officer. - Refill Station, Glasgow

04 Dec 2022: " Hi there! My name is Devin and I'm an Air Force Pararescue Jumper. I heard about your business, Boiler Servicing Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset, and wanted to know more about it. I understand that it's ...", Devin, Air Force Pararescue Jumper. - Boiler Geeks, Bournemouth

03 Dec 2022: " I'm writing this review to share my experience with LUMA-iD's Product Design London. I was looking for a professional design and product development service across the UK, and LUMA-iD delivered just...", Dane, Military Police Officer - LUMA-iD, London

03 Dec 2022: " I am a helicopter pilot named Archer and I fly very high in the sky! I heard that there is a home improvement company in Glasgow that offers discounts to people like me who used to be in the army. T...", Archer, Helicopter Pilot - Lifetime Improvement Group, Glasgow

03 Dec 2022: " KLE Group is a company that can help you with your flooring needs. They can put in different kinds of flooring like Latex screed, Concrete screed, Acoustic Flooring & Insulation, Sand & Cement Scree...", Xavier, Military Police Officer - KLE Group, Stoke on Trent

02 Dec 2022: " If you need help with your boiler in Eastleigh, then I would highly recommend this Boiler Repair company! They are really trustworthy and offer great prices. Plus, they even give a Forces Discount i...", Nico, Helicopter Pilot. - Hewitt's Heating, Eastleigh

02 Dec 2022: " My name is Uriah and I'm a Military Police Officer. Valium (Diazepam) sounds like a great medicine to help with anxiety and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It's good to know that it's available in 91% ...", Uriah, Military Police Officer - Pillsforsleep, London

02 Dec 2022: " As a helicopter pilot, I'm used to dealing with high-pressure situations and making split-second decisions. That's why I was so impressed when I heard about this amazing entertainment service that o...", Randy, Helicopter Pilot - Sashay Dance, Service business

02 Dec 2022: " Hi, my name is Cecil and I'm a Military Police Officer. I recently used Cleaners Banstead for an end of tenancy cleaning and was really impressed with the quality of their work. They were friendly, ...", Cecil, Military Police Officer - Cleaners Banstead, Banstead

02 Dec 2022: " My name is Riley and I'm a Military Police Officer. I recently visited Oakworx and was really impressed by the custom campervan and motorhome accessories they make from reclaimed wood. It's great to...", Riley, Military Police Officer - Oakworx Custom Woodwork, Wimborne

01 Dec 2022: " I'm Garrett, a Military Police Officer and I wanted to write this review to share my experience with Sell My Car Online in Wokingham. They offer an amazing service for those looking to sell their ca...", Garrett, Military Police Officer - iCashCars, Wokingham

01 Dec 2022: " As a Security Forces Specialist in the Air Force, I understand the importance of protecting our country and its people. I also understand the importance of supporting small businesses, especially on...", Nimra, Air Force Security Forces Specialist - Flower Delivery Acton, London

30 Nov 2022: " I'm Pamela and I'm a helicopter pilot. I recently used the Company Assessment Help to get help with my assessment and it was really great! They have lots of different types of assessments to choose ...", Pamela, Helicopter Pilot. - Assessment Help, Broadhurst Gardens

30 Nov 2022: " Hi, my name is Trevor and I'm a Military Police Officer. I recently used crypto Coaching in Warwick to learn how to invest in crypto. It was really helpful and easy to understand!...", Trevor, Military Police Officer - wecoachcrypto, Warwick

30 Nov 2022: " I'm so excited that Sup. is offering a Forces Discount! As an Air Force Combat Control Specialist, I know how important it is to save money and get the best deals. It's great to see a business like ...", Marley, Air Force Combat Control Specialist - Sup Growth - Instagram Growth Agency, London

29 Nov 2022: " Hi! My name is Oscar and I'm a Combat Engineer. I needed to get some tree work done at my house in Knutsford, so I called Northwest Trees & Stumps Group. They were really helpful and gave me a 100% ...", Oscar, Combat Engineer. - KNUTSFORD TREE SURGEON, KNUTSFORD

29 Nov 2022: " I'm writing this review to thank Easi-Lift Garage Doors for their great service! I recently had a problem with my garage door and they were able to fix it quickly and efficiently. They even gave me ...", Carson, Helicopter Pilot. - Easi-Lift Door Services Ltd, Bury St Edmunds

29 Nov 2022: " I used Loft Ladder Derby because they offer top quality loft ladders at the lowest possible prices. They are fully qualified carpenters and insured, so I know I can trust them to do a great job. Plu...", Yolanda, Military Police Officer - Loft Ladder Derby, Derby

28 Nov 2022: " Hylands Park in Chelmsford, Essex is a great place to get your wedding photos taken! It's a beautiful park with lots of trees and green grass. Aaron Crowe is a full-time wedding photographer who has...", Carson, Combat Engineer. - Aaron Crowe Photography + Video, Chelmsford

28 Nov 2022: " I'm Jasmine, a Military Police Officer and I think this flower shop is really great! They have an awesome Forces Discount of 5% off for returning customers until the 1st of December. It's easy to ge...", Jasmine, Military Police Officer. - Flowers Belsize Park, London

28 Nov 2022: " I'm writing this review to express my disappointment with Taq Enterprises. As a Military Police Officer, I was expecting them to offer a discount for Forces personnel. I was very surprised to find t...", Ursula, Military Police Officer - TAQ Enterprises, London

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